Polystone suits indoor and outdoor spaces

Polystone is a casting mixture of ground stone and liquid resin and often is impossible to distinguish from real stone or concrete with the naked eye. In our warehouse we have square and round pots, vases and bowls of polystone, as well as boat shapes and heart-shaped products. New items are added to the collection on a weekly basis. Wholesaler Daan Kromhout is the prime supplier for orders of all professional retailers, such as home furnishings stores, gift shops, florists and garden centres. Order your polystone vases, dishes and pots online. In the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver orders within 24 hours.

Order polystone vases, pots, bowls

Our wholesale collection of vases, pots and bowls includes several polystone products. Lightweight, ultra strong and very suitable for outdoor use. Polystone fits in with every interior with flowers or plants and also feels at home on a terrace or balcony.