Bloemisterijartikelen Daan Kromhout

Floristry items, professional wholesaler

With the largest selection of Floristry items

Practical materials for florists

Our wholesale business offers ample choice to every professional florist. Whether you need items for creating or binding bouquets, tastefully packaging flowers and plants or the presentation of your beautiful product range, you’re at the right address at wholesaler Daan Kromhout. We not only supply the familiar practical materials for florists, but also specialize in trendy home decorations that fit in with current home and interior trends.

Large collection of floristry items

Ranging from potting soil, mourning ribbons, floral foam and flower picks to tools, mossing pegs and wire. You know better than anyone how great it is to be able to rely on high-quality practical materials during your work. Daan Kromhout has more than 40 years of experience in supplying flower shops. Florists who are looking for proven quality, speed, variable quantities and excellent service choose us as their wholesaler of floristry items.

Wholesale to florist and garden centre

You ensure a beautiful assortment of bouquets, green plants and flowering plants, we support your business with practical materials. With a very large collection of floristry items and tools in all shapes and sizes. Also if you want to purchase smaller quantities, you’re at the right address with us. And thanks to the fast ordering process and large stock, you’ll have your order delivered in the Netherlands and Belgium within 24 hours. Order directly online, stop by the 200 m² showroom or set up an appointment with our sales representative to have one of the mobile showrooms visit your location.