Candles wholesaler for home decoration

The home décor collection of our wholesale business features candles in various designs and shades. A rose candle, curl candle or pillar candle can be burned individually, combined with a beautiful candlestick or placed in a flower arrangement as ambience lighting. The collection of atmospheric home accessories and gift items in our wholesale store is supplemented on a weekly basis with the latest trendy home accessories. Gift items wholesaler Daan Kromhout is the prime supplier of orders for all professional retailers, such as home furnishings stores, gift shops, florists and garden centres. Order your candles online, within the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver orders within 24 hours.

Order atmospheric candles

Attractive candlelight adds atmosphere in every season. The right combination of candles and candlesticks is a feast for the eyes and fits in with any interior. We have candles in different varieties with colours that match the seasons and the latest living trends.

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1 - 82 from 82 Products | Sort by Price