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Home decoration wholesaler

Decorative sculptures, dolls and figures fit in with any interior. From a stylized wooden bird to a plush little sheep, from a concrete statue to a skull with antlers; our home accessories and gift items are beautiful eye-catchers. The collection of our wholesale business in home decorations is supplemented on a weekly basis with the latest trendy home accessories. Wholesaler Daan Kromhout is the prime supplier of orders for all professional retailers, such as home furnishings stores, gift shops, florists and garden centres. Order your statues, dolls and figures online; in the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver your order within 24 hours.

Order statues, dolls and figures

As a wholesaler of home decorations we sell decorative figurines made of various materials such as wood, polystone, metal, plush, etc. The selection matches the latest trends in interior design. Ambiance-enhancing items can be placed separately or combined.

1 - 114 from 114 Products | Sort by Price
1 - 114 from 114 Products | Sort by Price