Pottery for outdoor use

Potterie for outdoor use is available at our wholesaler pottery in different sizes. Favorite is the distinctive red terracotta shade. View the range of pottery for outdoor use. Select the desired quantity and order the outdoor pots and water dishes directly online. Within the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver within 24 hours. The outdoor pottery collection of our wholesaler is replenished weekly. Wholesaler Daan Kromhout is the supplier for the order of every professional retailer, such as home furnishing stores, gift shops, florist and garden center.


To the outside world!

Pottery for outside for the garden or balcony. Timeless pots for plants and shrubs, in different diameters and heights. Our wholesaler supplies pottery for outdoors to florist, garden center, furniture store, etc.

1 - 75 from 75 Products | Sort by Price
1 - 75 from 75 Products | Sort by Price