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Hanging baskets are a decorative, smart and space-saving solution. This is true in the garden of your customers, but also in your store. Isn’t it a great sight to line up several hanging baskets alongside each other in your shop window or store? Basketwork is timeless and gives a country-style touch. Our baskets are finished on the inside with protective plastic to prevent leakage. View our range of wicker hanging baskets online, select the desired quantity and order your hanging basket online. Within the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver within 24 hours.

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Wicker hanging baskets are beautiful and functional. By hanging plants in hanging baskets you create a natural decoration for the outside wall, balcony railing or fence. As a wholesaler of basketwork we deliver to florists, garden centres, gift shops and home furnishings stores.

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1 - 26 from 26 Products | Sort by Price