Floral foam and flower arranging

As a professional in creating beautiful flower arrangements, you regularly work with Oasis. Floral foam is a favourite in floral art because of its excellent properties. The foam blocks are easy to work with and absorb a lot of water. It ensures that your quality flowers stay fresh longer. Order your floral foam from our wholesale business by telephone or online. In the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver your order within 24 hours. Also if you’d like to order smaller quantities you’re at the right address at wholesaler Daan Kromhout.

Order floral foam

Floral foam (Oasis) is the perfect water-retaining base material for the preparation of your most beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements. As a wholesaler we supply floral foam in various shapes and sizes, in combination with pin holders, clings and floral foam holders.

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1 - 49 from 49 Products | Sort by Price