Collection of binding material

Since 1982, Daan Kromhout has been the go-to wholesaler for floristry items. When composing bouquets and flower arrangements, you must be able to rely on your material without fail. This also applies to the different types of wire and mossing pegs. Professionals in floral art order their various types of wire in different colours and buy mossing pegs by the kilo from wholesaler Daan Kromhout. Smart ordering process and delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium within 24 hours.

Order mossing pegs and wire

For fixing flowers and decorative materials in bouquets and floral arrangements, you use mossing pegs (German pins) and wire. We supply winding wire, corsage wire, aluminium wire and mossing pegs in various designs to florists and garden centres.

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1 - 84 from 84 Products | Sort by Price