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Battery box, ball vase, cylinder

Glass vases with fresh flowers or branches are a feast for the eyes. From a single rose to an exuberant bouquet or decorative natural materials; as a wholesaler of glass vases we offer a wide selection. Varying in diameter, height and shape. Glass cylinder vases, battery boxes, ball vases, conical vases, mini vases made of glass; view our offering online and order directly. Within the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver within 24 hours.

Order glass vases

Large and small glass vases in all shapes and sizes are a decorative eye-catcher and fit in with any interior. They are practical to use for beautiful bouquets and flowers. Order them directly online at our glass vases wholesale business.

1 - 100 from 100 Products | Sort by Price
1 - 100 from 100 Products | Sort by Price