Bouquets of silk flowers

We not only sell loose silk flowers, but also composite bouquets. Examples include silk buttercups, roses, peonies, hydrangeas or dahlias. Various colour shades and different varieties are available. View the range of silk flower bouquets online. Bouquets of quality artificial flowers always remain fresh and are a feast for the eyes. Select your bouquets of silk flowers and order them online simply and quickly. Within the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver within 24 hours.

Order silk bouquets

Bouquets of high-quality silk flowers are very decorative and you can’t tell them apart from real flowers. A silk bouquet feels at home in every interior. Our wholesale business supplies artificial flowers to flower shops, garden centres, gift shops, home furnishings stores, the catering sector and companies.

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1 - 26 from 26 Products | Sort by Price