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Wholesale of natural decorative material

In addition to moss, branches and wreaths, our wholesale business of natural decoration materials has more products in its collection. From pine cones and nuts, dried fruits and seeds to shells, eggshells and feathers. Nature continues to surprise us with materials that you can use nicely in a floral arrangement, to decorate and fill vases, baskets or bowls, or to combine with plants and flowers. View the collection, select the items of your choice and order your natural materials online. In the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver your order within 24 hours.

Order natural materials

Nature is the most important supplier of beautiful natural decorative materials. To be used in bouquets and flower arrangements, or presented in vases, bowls, pots. Natural materials for every interior. Also beautiful in your store and shop window.

1 - 54 from 54 Products | Sort by Price
1 - 54 from 54 Products | Sort by Price